Meagan Michelle Rough, 19, was the girl who went out of her way to include everyone; who created her own mission trip by giving
up all of her summer earnings at Camp Ozark to help pay fees for kids who needed financial assistance to attend the Christ based camp;
and who volunteered hundreds of hours for many organizations. She was a talented athlete with a strong faith, studying
to become a
doctor as a second year Pre-Med student at Texas Tech University, serving on the Student Alumni Board and a leader in her sorority of
the Gamma Phi chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta. Meagan coached, tutored and mentored little admirers from the tender age of 12 through
her college years and dedicated a great amount of her time to youth and faith based organizations. She dreamed of one day having a
large wedding, a large family and a large list of adventurous plans for life…..
She dreamed no little dream.  

A drunk driver took all that away.

The Meagan Rough Memorial Foundation serves to honor the memory of “May”, after tragically losing her life to the recklessness of
a drunk driver when he struck the back of her vehicle, crashed an entire residential block and multiple vehicles at a speed in excess
of 100 mph, in Lubbock Texas on December 6th, 2012, the week before fall semester finals. Meagan and her roommate had just
begun traveling on the street and were securely buckled in their seat belts, but the impact was still forceful enough to eject Meagan
from her car. Miraculously, her best friend survived with "minor" injuries, however, her life has been traumatically and permanently
changed at a time in her life that should be the happiest. Meagan's spirit of giving continues to live on through multiple transplant
recipients who received her organs after she was declared with brain death from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Organ donation was a
wish of Meagan’s carried out by her parents and 17 year old brother. Her zest for life, community and scholarship will be honored 
through providing educational and financial assistance to students who are active
in their communities and student organizations.
The foundation was established to fund educational scholarships, develop tactical programs near colleges and host events in
order to raise awareness and develop coalitions against the act of driving ​under the influence of drugs and alcohol across the
State of Texas and throughout the nation. 

Meagan Rough Memorial Foundation

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Meagan Rough Memorial Foundation

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