• MayDay 5k GLOW – Lubbock, Tx                                                May 2, 2014
              This event is a neon night run/walk on Glenna Goodacre Blvd, near the scene
              of the crash. A special THANK YOU to supporters and sponsors of the event
                    including Lubbock law enforcement agencies who made a huge statement by
                    promoting the efforts made by the dedicated students and families who made
                    this event possible.The community of Lubbock was very involved in a great
                    success for this new effort. The second educational scholarship was awarded
                    to Shelby Blaine from the University of Texas Arlington.

                    (Photos Courtesy of: Hannah Browning Photography;Facebook; Instagram)

  • MayDay 5k GLOW – Lubbock, Tx                                                May 4, 2013
          This event is a neon night run/walk on Glenna Goodacre Blvd, at the scene
          of the crash. The pilot event was held 5 months following Meagan’s death,
          just one week before spring finals, reminding college students not to allow
          this behavior even one semester later. Students from all over Texas traveled 
          to support and participate in this event. Local businesses, broadcast media
          outlets and law enforcement agencies made a huge statement by promoting
          and supporting this event.  The community of Lubbock was very involved in a
          great success for this new effort. The first educational scholarship was awarded
          at this event to a student who created a “Put a STOP to Drunk Driving” video.
          (Photos Courtesy of: Sunny Nights Photography; FiveSixteenPhotos; Facebook; Instagram)

  • Pizza Bake and SkyGLOW – Kaufman, Tx                                     June 2013
          On Meagan’s birthday, friends from her hometown organized a birthday bash with an
          outdoor pizza bake and sky glow, sending up a beautiful Happy Birthday message to
          the stars. Hundreds of glow in the dark balloons and sky lanterns were released to

          one of her favorite songs, “This Little Light of Mine” by Addison Road. Two
          educational scholarships were awarded at this event to students who created
          “Put a STOP to Drunk Driving” videos. 

  • R.A.D.D. (Raiders Against Drunk Driving) – Lubbock, Tx          August 2013
         Student Organization at Texas Tech University founded by friends and sorority
         sisters of May, two of which had been in the back seat of her car prior to the
         crash, are planning the inaugural RADDfest in May in conjunction with the second
         annual MayDay 5k GLOW in May of 2014. RADD has been active in recruiting
         members and campus activities to promote a new thirst among students and
         peers to end the devastation of this often dismissed crime. 


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Many other inquiries have been made by people wanting to get involved, planning for new events at other universities have been requested and research is being done to put effective entities into place as prevention measures in Lubbock, across the state of Texas and in other neighboring states. It is our vision to launch a nationwide campaign to see what our nation is capable of.....Will you be accepting May's Challenge? 

If you are interested in getting involved Email us today!              


MayDay 5K GLOW          2014 Scholarship Application


Meagan Rough Memorial Foundation

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P.O. Box 734

Kaufman, Tx 75142


111 W Mulberry

Kaufman, TX 75142

Applicants for educational scholarships should be willing to sign a commitment to never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to prevent anyone else of doing so, and to participate in student or community organizations working to prevent this crime.  On-Line scholarship applications, applicant criteria and instructions will be posted on this website when they become available in Summer of 2018. Until then, you may email our team at info@meaganroughmemorial.org.

Events and organizations have developed from the positive impact of the beautiful life that Meagan worked so hard for.

Many have made great efforts to become her voice, who would want society to prevent this from happening to you and

those you love, and to instill the giving spirit she displayed. The goal of all events are to not only remind everyone of the

catastrophic dangers of driving intoxicated, but for all to look toward the "Happy Ending", where making a plan and following

through with it can truly provide us all with the GOOD way the story can end.

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