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Meagan Rough Memorial Foundation

Meagan Rough Memorial Foundation

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Kaufman, TX 75142

She dreamed no little dream...   

December 6, 2012   

Meagan Michelle Rough, 19, was the determined girl who went out of her way to include everyone. ​She was a talented athlete with a strong faith, and a second year Pre-Med student at Texas Tech University. Meagan coached, tutored and mentored little admirers, and dedicated a great amount of her time to youth and faith based organizations. She dreamed of one day having a large wedding, a large family and a large list of adventurous plans for life. In a split second it all came to an end....

The Meagan Rough Memorial Foundation serves to honor the memory of “May”, after tragically losing her life to the recklessness of
a drunk driver who collided with the back of her car at a speed of over 100 mph.
 Miraculously, her best friend, roommate and driver 

survived with what are considered "minor" injuries. However, Kaitlyn's life has been traumatically and permanently changed.

The 19 year old driver who caused this preventable tragedy now sits out a 15 year sentence in a Texas penitentiary for taking her life. 

Meagan's spirit of giving continues to live on through multiple transplant recipients who received her organs after a      non-survivable Traumatic Brain Injury. Her parents and 17 year old brother carried out her wishes to give life to others and look forward to meeting her organ recipients one day. Meagan's zest for life and community are honored through providing scholarships to dedicated students who are active in their communities and student organizations. The foundation was established to fund these scholarships, develop more effective offender compliance and prevention programs for students, host awareness events, promote educational outlets of these dangers and develop coalitions against the act of driving ​under the influence of drugs and alcohol.