Can't make it to the race? You can still support the event by making contributions on our website or through the Active Giving page associated with race registrations!

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Meagan Rough Memorial Foundation

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P.O. Box 734

Kaufman, Tx 75142

IN 2013, an alarming 10,076 PEOPLE DIED IN DRUNK DRIVING CRASHES  ... ONE every 52 Minutes

290,000 were injured in drunk driving crashes...


If you can not make the MayDay5kGlow this year, but want to help fund the efforts of lowering the statistics above,

please click on the link below. Meagan is just one of so many who lost their life to the ill will of a drunk driver.

Please don't drink & drive.

Lives matter.

Thank you in advance.

Get Creative!  
The 3rd annual MayDay 5k GLOW Neon Night Walk & Fun Run takes place in Lubbock, Texas, across from Texas Tech University campus. RUN, DANCE or WALK through student residential district, dining and entertainment areas across from the Red Raiders AT&T Jones Stadium. Let your energy pump to the music where dancing lights guide your festive spirit to the beat, as we pound drunk driving out of the streets of Lubbock. This route begins and ends on beautiful Glenna Goodacre Boulevard. Although this is the scene across from where Meagan Rough lost her life to a drunk driver, it provides hope to those who honor her memory and reminds participants and onlookers to prevent driving while intoxicated or chemically impaired. Just as LIFE is vibrant, we want to see how BRIGHT you can be! Night creatures, light yourselves up with NEON, LEDs, glow accessories and anything to stand out in the dark as we all make West Texas GLOW, GLISTEN, BLINK and SHINE. Amped up finish line festivities will be a celebration of the lives you vow to save and the beautiful life of MayMay, as glowing beach balls, balloons and bubbles dance to the beat cheering your arrival and our 5K winners. This GLOWING event also includes live music, costume contest, a little shopping and awarding a scholarship to one very deserving student who proves to be dedicated to taking a firm stand against Driving while Drug or Alcohol induced.

Net proceeds benefit the Meagan Rough Memorial Foundation, providing educational scholarships disbursed in 2015 and forming tactical programs to assist communities in reducing intoxicated driving in their neighborhoods.